• Faye M

Think before you....eat!

The topic of diet and inflammatory disease is saturated with conflicting advice, let me share my thoughts.

I have been there, tried the diet , failed on the diet and repeated that same process for years. I was just trying so hard to find any way to help my symptoms that I was leaving my common sense behind. After several miserable months on an anti inflammatory diet I realised...this wasn't helping me at all, in actual fact I felt worse!

But how could that be? Everyone talks about the holy grail of the anti inflammatory diet, or Paeolo / Keto / whatever you version you want to call it.

Not only were these diets not helping my symptoms they were actually adding more stress and inflammation into my life. Feeling even more segregated for not been 'allowed' to eat this or that. Meals out were torture and this was supposed to be my life for ever?!

The pivotal moment came when I stopped concentrating on food and started to work on being self aware. I started practicing mediation sporadically ( I am still not into a good routine with that) but also learnt how to draw my attention inwards in every day experiences. Once I started to do this I naturally became more mindful of everything and anything that would impact on my state, one of those things was the food I was about to eat.

After just a few days I became more at peace with food and stopped looking at what I shouldn't be eating, but instead what I needed from food. Focusing on what you shouldn't eat only generates negative energy, conflict and frustration. You will not last with this mentality about food!

I now focus on the nutritional value of foods.

What will my body gain from this food I am about to eat?

How can I nourish my body in the best way with the food I have available to me?

How many different types of nutrients can i get on one plate?

This way of thinking has revolutionized they way I eat, and I didn't even mean to do it!

I find myself automatically not interested in processed and sugary foods, there isn't even the old conversation of....'should I, shouldn't I?

There are no BAD fruit or vegetables! Not fall into the trap of fruit fear and anti inflammatory rubbish like 'deadly nightshades'. The evidence is iffy at best. Follow your gut literally, we know there is little nutritional value in processed foods and we know we shouldn't eat a lot of fat. We know that and we always have, so don't confuse the matter. Keep it simple...eat well. And to do that eat mindfully.

Here a few ways you can teach yourself to do this.

- Pause before you eat. Ask yourself why am I eating this? (Do not judge at this stage, simply become aware of the question)

- Do not multitask. When you are eating, just eat nothing else.

- Become aware of the sense of satisfaction. Do not overeat.

- Stock your kitchen with variety so you can make healthier choices from the start.

- Avoid foods in cans, ask yourself why is it in a can?

- Wait 30 mins in a morning before eating. Drink a Ginger and Lemon tea, or pint of water.

- Taste the food! Mindfully eat.

Remember its a process, the less negative pressure you put on yourself, the more natural these behaviors become.

Thank you for reading

Faye M x


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