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Stress & Autoimmunity

Thank you to everyone that sent me across messages, emails, DM's regarding my last blog www.heartfeltphysio.com/post/is-stress-killing-you-too.

Wow , wow , wow

The response was great and I am so grateful for everyone having the confidence to share their personal experiences.

If any of you have watched the recent documentary on NETFLIX called HEAL (trailer shown below). then you will appreciate that YES STRESS CAN CAUSE the triggering of AUTOIMMUNITY!

The over riding theme that came across in your answers was that you could ALL attribute the start of your health decline to a stressful or traumatic time in your life.

Now I know I can too. If you recall in my previous BLOG www.heartfeltphysio.com/post/diagnosis-denial-beware, I was diagnosed quite unexpectedly at the age of 25. At that time I was working 5 part time jobs, trying to get myself through my postgraduate degree and was living alone with no financial or emotional support. So yes I believe strongly my health decline was finally triggered by this prolonged stress and hyper-independence.

Scientists have proven that individuals who suffer with acute and chronic stress exhibit poor immunity. Under stress we are more susceptible to DIS - EASE. The stress hormone is not designed to be chronically released into our cells, and it is this that is the problem. We cannot get away from stress, its everywhere.... at home, work, on the news, on the radio, on the internet....it has become they way we live.

Now I believe personally and professionally that STRESS is one HUGE factor in autoimmunity, but I also believe that we should consider other factors too. Such as a genetic predisposition, environmental, and pathogen invasion. But is STRESS the thing that tips the balance once and for all?!

So it is crucial that we consider uncovering past events and accept stress as a factor in our health so that we can start the healing journey.

thank you as always for reading,

Faye M x

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