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Is STRESS killing you too?!

Ok, So bit of an intense blog title!

Thanks to more people talking openly about the effects of stress on both mental and physical health, this statement should not be too shocking for you! Older generations would have us believe, they didn't suffer from stress in 'their days'....they did it just wasn't exactly the thing to be talking about over the garden fence. Luckily it has become much more common place for one to discuss their emotions and seek help. However some of us would still rather battle on and deal with it one day.

.....That one day may be, when the body finally has had enough of the constant flooding of stress hormones that it throws itself into a explosion of inflammation or disease or when the mind starts to be unorganized and we suffer a catastrophic breakdown.

Now what I am interested in it the link between stress hormones and the inflammation seen in cases such as mine, Ankylosing Spondylitis. Can stress REALLY trigger autoimmunity??!!!

I would honestly at this point invite you ALL to email me, message me or reach out in some way to share your experiences and whether or not you believe that stress was a factor in your health decline.

Lets start talking about these deep routed drivers for autoimmunity and chronic illness in this epidemic we find ourselves living in.

Thank you for reading as always,

Faye M.



I would LOVE to include your anonymous feedback in the next blog where I will delve a little deeper into stress and autoimmunity.

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