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Float on.....

Welcome back!

I apologise for the lack of new Blog material recently. Thanks to the AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis) Gremlin & Hypermobility I have battled with severe flaring fatigue and lack of motivation for the past few months.

Luckily for me and you, I have managed to combat the worst of the fatigue over the past few weeks . I will talk more about this in my next Blog!

I wanted to first of share with you a new experience review.....Floating!

When my fatigue was starting the alter my life dramatically, I decided it was time to stop fighting it and listen to what my body was telling me (again)!

I had seen this treatment advertised last year, for whatever reason I never followed it through. Perhaps I was not ready.

So, with a rare couple of hours to myself, I decided to book my Float spot online and take the plunge. Immediately on arrival to @floatology Huddersfield, I knew I was supposed to be there. A very warm relaxed welcome with a great vibe about the place, usually lacking in such places.

I was shown to my Pod and left to it, no hassle, no lengthy medical forms and strange looks when they try to pronounce Ankylosing Spondylitis. Wow this place is perfect and exactly what I need!

The Pod is best described as a roomy car boot with tranquil lighting and relaxing music. After battling with the wax ear plugs, I stepped inside and set about my Float.

I have to admit, I HATE water!!

I cannot swim very well and absolutely keep my head above water at all times! So this principle of relaxing in water was very strange to me. However I calmed my natural instincts to start flapping about and attempted to relax and let the water hold me.

After about 20 mins I was finally relaxed enough to let go of my neck Once I did, my entire body relaxed. A few cracks, clicks and pops from my neck and back and it felt amazing!

The weight of the lead AS suit gone!

The Float sessions last 1 hour, just enough time to go to a relaxation place never experienced before.

Later that evening I felt my body screaming at me to sleep. I was so tired I was scared I wouldn't wake up if I fell asleep. I have had some issues with sleeping recently and for this evening they were banished. I woke the next morning feeling full of energy and please with myself for doing something for me!

My Advice

-For anyone with fusion in the neck region it would be sensible to ask for a neck bolster.

- For anyone with hip mobility issues, ask for assistance getting in and out.

- For anyone with severe fatigue, get someone to drive you.

*****9/10 rating for @ Floatology Huddersfield. *****

I will be back on a regular basis!

Thanks for reading as always

Faye M x


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