• Faye M

Don't Blame You

As I mentioned in my earlier blogs, I get it, I really do!

'Why me?' 'What have I done to deserve this?' What could I have done differently?' 'Should I have drunk those 3 for £10 bottles of wine whilst at University?' ' Is this all because I ate that bread?'

It's easy to feel like you have somehow done this to yourself. And as you move further into your wellness journey, as I did, you will learn more and more about the impact of nutrition on your health. It is human nature that you then begin to feel ashamed almost that you did not know this before.


This is wasted energy, let go of the past and look forward to the future possibilities. Focusing on becoming the best version of YOU! I am grateful that I now know how to nourish my body in a way that helps maintain my wellness.

I do not eat processed foods and I am a Ginger Tea addict! I only enjoy the odd glass of very weak wine every blue moon, washed down with copious pints of water! Life sometimes does not seem fair, when I see my friends carelessly enjoying a takeaway after a session on the cocktails I must admit, that hurts.

My illness has made me a better person, I have more empathy for others and I have learnt the importance of taking care of myself both mentally and physically. Occasionally I would like to tell my illness 'it's okay, I've learnt my lesson, I have changed.. You can go now'. However I am strong enough to have faith in the fact that I have even more to learn about myself and my purpose is to pass that knowledge onto others so they too can become well. Life is not cruel, life challenges us in ways you never know we needed to be.

Remember it is never YOUR fault to be given a diagnosis. Don't beat yourself up over those late night kebabs you enjoyed so much. Dwelling on the past only causes more stress, and we know that in order to achieve complete wellness we need to ditch the stress.

Thank yourself for starting your journey to wellness. The very fact you are reading this blog shows a positive shift in your mindset.

The only certain thing now is that you must learn to love your body and appreciate all the signs it is giving you. Finding a balance is crucial, obsessing over every mouthful of food you have will only end up in more stress. I eat healthy but if I decide to order that dessert, I don't beat myself up about it. I am living with an illness that I would rather not, you only live once or so we think.

In a world where everyone wants to ram Celery Juice down your throat and rub ground Turmeric into your joints to cure your pain, it is important to be cautious. Listen to your body and take responsibility for your health.

Find Your Strength

Faye M



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